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March 03, 2010


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Jessie R.

Sometimes I go back to that feeling of terrifying anticipation of my weirdness...I'm glad you seem to understand. And that you share that wonderful courage to walk through it to the miracle!



Fascinating thank you.

Tangent: the picture is beautiful. Who painted it? Where is it from?


Great to just be myself and not be filled with fear of what others think. I understood this post--both the problem and the solution.


This brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou for this post.

Skip O

Something that comes to mind is that since I quit drinking, I no longer have anything profound to say... and it comes out sounding a lot better.


Having issues with 'God's will', I've stayed away from the third step prayer but I've never thought about it the way you just put it. Awesome!! Thanks Mr. SP.

Mr. SponsorPants

re the image at the bottom of the post:
I've been a mad pic collector for years on the 'net. I try to mark an attribution when I save something, but I confess that is a habit of the past year or so, thus many of the images I have stored I am not certain of the source. Also, sometimes the source I find it at does not give an attribution... and occasionally the source is not a site that is appropriate to the blog, via a kind of "outside issues" thing -- I think artists deserve recognition -- and compensation -- for their work. I have committed to myself to do a better job of giving art credit when I use an image. With all that, it's just a plain old "I don't know" for much of what I post -- I just go with a thought or vibe as to what I've written, how I feel and what image(s) might illustrate or speak to that.
I agree, though, the pic is lovely -- in fact, it is my Desktop wallpaper.

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