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March 04, 2010


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I can't imagine what it would be like to be famous AND an alcoholic. All that attention; there would never be enough, whether good or bad.

Steve E

My meeting yesterday was on "Rehab is NOT AA"....

You wrote:

"offer anyone who comes to AA our open minds, hands and hearts, without judgment or agenda."

Meeting topic THIS morning
"Tradition THREE".



I use to wish for popularity. I now pray for guidance. Night and day difference. My mom did rehab before AA. She is still living AA, 10 years later.


Skip O

I was ordered to attend a DUI school that had the same name as an outpatient program in my town. You can guess where that led me. I attended both. The rehab required attendance at AA meetings twice each week. By the end of a month I was attending four... plus the rehab and DUI sessions.
I will celebrate eight years next month. I know who really sent me to court.


This topic does seem to be in the air. Someone I am working with and I were yesterday discussing this exact topic. All I can do is refer to the Big Book and equate sanitariums the same as today's rehab. Rehabs have a very useful purpose and are probably best utilized when followed by a "program" like AA.
I'm grateful my Big Book cost me only $6 and my solution is the 12step program of AA and CMA.


I tried to get sober in AA three times unsuccessfully...just wasn't ready (self-will, refusal to see I couldn't control my drinking, etc etc). Finally in desperation I went to a rehab and it's exactly what I needed. Inundation. Laid a good AA based foundation there with AA and NA coming in for meetings four times a week (in addition to all the workshops and readings taken from the Big Book and 12 x 12). Came out of rehab, found my local AA fellowship, got a sponsor, and just celebrated my 6 month birthday on Tues. Am very, very grateful.


I'm neither jittery nor befogged (well, maybe a little befogged) but I have been unable to get sober. Unable... unwilling... I'm not sure where the line between those two things is. Either way, I have not gotten sober. I did 90 in 90 and had a month at one point, then dropped out for a month, then came back in and have put together somewhere between 3 and 10 days several times in the last few months.

My regular groups and the people who care about me have lately been suggesting that I try going to a rehab. I feel like, since I don't have to detox (I'm not that far gone in my drinking - it's daily, but I don't have physical symptoms when I stop) that rehab would be sort of a self-indulgent luxury.

I still think I'll keep trying to just use AA, and trust that eventually I'll get it together.


I have mixed feelings about all of it. I feel like if they are going to be in the spotlight they should set an example for their fans. It's not and excuse to just party all the time. It's sad and I feel bad for them but they have to face the consequences. My friend said her sister saw Lindsey Lohan in rehab in Dubuque. (http://www.stonehilldbq.com/) Who knows if that's true though.

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