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February 10, 2010


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My favorite definition of humility is on page 58 of the 12/12.
But it's all good. And it all beats anything I might have known before I got sober.


People pleasing fit so well with my martyrdom. Damn.

Glad I found Alanon. Martyrs usually suffer horrible deaths anyway.



Yesterday I had to stand my ground, when my instrinct was to please. You are right, the person was not pleased at this change in my behavior:)


Oh, did this ever hit home. I was a craven people-pleaser before Al-Anon, and when I began to change, all hell broke loose all over my life. I cringe just recalling it. Great post.

Jessie R.

I believe the God within you has been camping out on my shoulder and is now talking to me through you AGAIN!

I have just been met with this truth in my experience again as my workplace changes and I realize more about my relationship with loved ones. Thank you!

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