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February 23, 2010


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OK. So I read this and then tried to share a scar with my partner.
He told me (in no uncertain terms) to leave the damn room.

Jessie R.

One of my favorite quotes came from an amazing guy I know who has spent a great deal of his adult life working as a missionary in Burundi, he said, "Christians have bumper stickers and slogans, believers have creeds and promises, disciples have scars and stories!"

It seems to me this fits in AA as well :) Since I came with scars, I know what I have to be in order to be of maximum service. I have to be one of the ones who isn't afraid of the scars anymore, in fact, they make me infinitely useful to God.


I tell people that I don't wear makeup because I like what God gave me. I have earned my laugh lines, stretch marks, crows feet, and grey hair. I will add scars to that list now. Who needs plastic surgery when they have serenity, sobriety, strength and experience to share?



I covered up those ugly scars for years. Now I think that there has been healing in so many ways.


MSP Where are you ?-are you ok? p-lar

Mr. SponsorPants

technical difficulties with the isp -- very on/off connection (lost one post I wrote already grrrr!)
should be sorted by tomorrow -- thanks for this note and all the kind emails!

Mr. SP

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