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January 20, 2010


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Kathy M.

Thank you. What a great post. You are an inspiring example of the Big Book, IMHO. Thanks for your blog.


Superstition vs spirituality -- thanks for naming it for me, today. Excellent thoughts and very funny too. We are indeed lucky to have you pulling your oar. (The black dress still has me chuckling.)

Kimberly A

"We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us." Your post today is why this Alanon uses the BB and pgs 86-87 in her own spiritual program. This stuff is bonafide..as they say..



Great post. I don't know if many (or I) could have handled this situation with such grace.


When the poo hit the floo... (and the black dress, too!) I'm still laughing out loud! Thanks Mr. Sponsorpants. You hit the nail on the head again.

One thought though, have you considered that if you had gotten the job as 1 you may be out of a job now? God's kinda funny. Nah, He's ALWAYS funny. And kind. And merciful!

I'm rowing away in Illinois (trying to keep up with your strokes!)

David S

Have a sponsee walking in the door in 30 minutes; I am going to print this and use it...Love it when you get wound up and get on a literary roll..Great job again,,

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