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December 08, 2009


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I have not commented before, but wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. This post in particular is excellent advice.


Wow..this is absolutely great. I have, too, been struggling with trying to be "the hero" in other people's lives. This is so crazy how I read this today. Detaching with love. Ahhh...what a concept. Thank you so much!

Kimberly A

I have shared many times that I have never heard someone credit their mother for their sobriety in an open AA speaker meeting. There is a reason for that...thanks for the reminder that miracles can occur when I butt out too.



"Did I feel thwarted in trying to be the hero?"

I can feel and see the lights going off. Bingo!! Ding! Ding! Ding!
I feel nothing short of GLEE when I get to play the hero. And I think your experience matches mine - maybe I'm a little let-down when I don't pass the audition for Hero role. You so named this for me. Thanks.


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