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November 30, 2009


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I've not heard of it. I don't believe that I would want to do this. It really seems too much like religion and that is one of the three obstacles in Al-Anon.

Jessie R

I haven't heard of three obstacles in alanon.

I would be willing to consider anything that my sponsor said worked for her. She reflected something to me that I was drawn to for guidance and reflection.

I know now how much my bias stops the flow of the Spirit and keeps me from experiencing miracles.

I was given this instruction and also given the actual place in the book where it suggests it in big book terms that I can understand. (Page 87 - 3rd paragraph) Which was helpful since I Balk Balk Balk like a chicken sometimes. Fun stuff this recovery! I find out more about my stubborn 'contempt prior to investigation' every day! I still need interpretational assistance with other human beings though, it's like they speak a whole 'nother language which tends to irritate me.

This was a good reflection for me, I still tend to be full of bias at certain terminology and wind up reacting instead of acting with care and reflection.

Thank you!

A sober man in Southern Illinois

Great answer, Mr. SP...

I would add that if we don't use loaded terms like that, there is nothing wrong with praying with each other outloud. Certainly there was plenty of precedent in AA.

I recall the story of the man who prayed outloud during his 7th Step with Dr. Bob in his office (on his knees!)

And besides, why should we be shy about praying? After a while in AA we all do it (well, most of us, anyway), and we're not shy about saying we'll pray for someone! Why not do it with them? It's pretty special to pray with someone (as anyone who has done a 3rd Step with another knows).

Besides, we bring a Higher Power into the friendship, and that can't help but make it better!

(Love your strike-throughs, btw!)

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