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November 24, 2009


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I've never cared for Vegas.

Jessie R

Stopped halfway through your post to try it, I'll be damned it worked!

Kimberly A

I heard that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening.



I have used counting more than once to get my mind to calm down. I used to count when I was running. It helped to put me in the "zone".

unreliable narrator

In Zen practice, we only try to count to ten. We accept that we most of the time don't get past one or two. Counting to 100 seems, I'm going to confess, awfully...ambitious to me.

For me, the weird thing about concentration practice (what most of us call "meditation") is that the point really isn't making it there--but that the point of our doing it lies somewhere along the line between having the goal and watching the realization bubble up that, oh yeah, I lost myself again. And at the moment you realize you've thrown your mind away, you already have it back--you don't have to try to retrieve it, it's already come home as soon as you notice it's lost.

Which is why I loved this practice, when I was a summer monk--its infinite gentleness was trying to teach me to be infinitely gentle as well.

Mr. SponsorPants

Thank you, U.R., that is genius.

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