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September 28, 2009


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Jessie R

Ouch that one reflects me and thank God for the program of AA that shows me my reflection in so many ways and also shows me the change in reflections through self-examination, sharing with others and always being willing to reflect God ...

So grateful for these reflections and blogs!

Ed G.

Nice post.

A few years ago I had an opportunity to sponsor a man who was really good at "reading people" (fits your description well). I also was intimately acquainted (in only the way we can in AA) with most of the people in his circle.

His "read" was 100% wrong - no exceptions. When I confronted him with this fact, it was more than he could accept. I don't think he's accepted it (or forgiven me) since.

Blessings and aloha...


Fascinating. Describes me to a T. Although I didn't have a bad childhood.

I thought I was strongly intuitive with a good sense of body languague and very observant.

But it is definitely a case of hypervigilance.

I think I must work on retaining the 'gifts' of hypervigilance and losing the associated paranoia.

And not drink.

Thank you for this.

Linda R.

Mostly I don't look around a room of full of strangers because I don't want to know what my mind tells me they really think of me... I didn't realize this was a characteristic of my alcoholism. I am learning so much about this disease, which I am finally willing to admit I am powerless over, from your blog. I come here for strength and depend on your wisdom. Thank you.

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