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September 23, 2009


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Jessie Robinson

You must be channeling the Great Sponsor in this one because I hear this from many sponsors who carry the spiritual message, if you are having resentments and issues in recovery it's because you don't have a firm grasp in the process and progress, if you don't have a firm grasp it's because your stuck on a step, if your stuck it's always always second step issue which brings you back to the issue of being stuck in the first step. That's what I continue to wrestle out as I continue to exercise the steps... it's like an escalator the steps keep coming automatically...it's up to me to jump on and keep haulin' ass up instead of standing still and falling off...


My Al-Anon instinct tells me to let him get the cue from his HP (or the Universe). If it doesn't have my name on it, I don't pick it up....


Love your insights. Agree about the Great Sponsor. And this one was for me, too.
Thank you for your blog and your great writing! I've bookmarked it, and want to read up on the past posts.


You have my attention. When I walked back into AA following 6 years no AA no drinking followed by 2 years drinking my sponsor from 10 years before looked at me from her chair and said "It's step two for you."
I'm all f'ed up from around 15 years of chronic relapse (with 6 yrs off) and would love to 1) know what happened with this guy and 2) hear any suggestions for starting over without baggage or a lobotomy.

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