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August 03, 2009


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I just finished my morning prayer and asked for that very thing. I need reminders.

Always Carol

That is advised a lot in Alanon because people tend to come in to program thinking that they need to make a decision, usually on the theme of should I stay or should I go (ba da da da da da bum-The Clash)


I remember my sponsor's slight variation on this, "If you can't think of what to do, sit down and do nothing until your wits come back to you." Incredibly, when at 3 years sober, I moved to southern Illinois from Massachusetts where I'd gotten sober. I knew no one, and probably was feeling very lonely on a Friday afternoon. I grabbed some lunch, and found myself driving aimlessly when I suddenly realized that I had been staring at the bars along the road, and had an uncontrolable urge to drink! I couldn't think what to do, so I panicked! Pulling over at a truck stop, I sat down, ordered coffee, and started calling people in AA from memory (this was before the days of cell phones, so I used a calling card and the trucker phone at the booth I was sitting in). Of the dozen or so numbers of AA people I called back in Massachusetts, not one person answered! (I left a message on each answering machine, and they ALL called back a day or two later!) Then I asked the waitress for a piece of paper and started writing a gratitude list. I waited, thinking that if I had to I'd drink coffee for hours until the meeting that night. Looking up I saw someone with his back to me sitting at the counter. Finally, I walked past him to the bathroom (too much coffee!) and on the way back I saw his face. Way too weird! It was my brand new sponsor! I sat down next to him, much relieved, and told him what I was doing there. Then he said, "You won't believe this, but I've never taken a Friday afternoon off until today. Work was very slow, so my boss said I could go home. What's even stranger is that I've never stopped in here for a cup of coffee!"
Yeah. Sit down and do nothing until God shows me what to do next! Love your blog, my friend! Can't wait to read it all!

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