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August 06, 2009


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Jessie Robinson

Sometimes your posts make me think, sometimes I get ruffled, sometimes I'm in Awe of the accuracy to which you describe situations and results...

Today I read and tears came to my eyes (my signal that the Spirit has entered the room)

I like your stories about specific experiences better than all the advice, they hit harder and more intensely than anything else for me.

I'm humbled
(all the way down to grandiose...:oD ;oP)

thank you

Girl About Beantown

This post was fabulous, that you so much for exactly what I needed to read today, and for just writing one of my new favorite blogs in general.

Steve E

I'm with Jess. When I begin reading one of your blogs, I think of your effort in writing such a seemingly effortless piece. And "experience" paragraphs keep my normally wandering mind focused totally.


I like what you write regardless. I see the bawling child in others (taking their inventory here) and in myself. I know that I can choose to not pout, throw a tantrum, or manipulate. I've got more growing to do but I can tell a difference in my attitude. I'm grateful for that.


I always end a qualification by stating "If there is anything good you see in me, I learned it from Alcoholics Anonymous".

Always Carol

A very long but worthwhile blog. I haven't actually seen a Kindle yet, will probably stick w/my library instead.

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