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August 14, 2009


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Maybe he was grieving Michael Jackson's death and contemplating the futue of the space program.


LOL and as petty as we all are, and cannot help to be when we are pettified, we still love each other and find awesome stuff when we share.

This story made me laugh too, and I'm glad I hadn't taken a drink of my hot coffee when I got to the punchline.

Steve Elsaesser

I'll get back to you later, after I wipe off my monitor (whence cometh all this wet brown stuff?)

Okay now. I can "feel" the gratitude which must have been overwhelming as your guru passed by without acknowledgement???


I think that this would have had me wondering for a while.

Girl About Beantown

I believe this is why people invented the internet shorthand ROFLMAO.

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