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July 23, 2009


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Jessie R

hmmm...that is a conundrum.

Truth, I took the quiz at the side but found that I could only answer a half truth. Most days I spend at least 1/2 hour a day in prayer and meditation, I read spiritual literature, and I talk to religious leadership quite often about my ideas and allow them to challenge me with their ideas and beliefs. It has been very enlightening. They tend to ask me a lot of questions...

Truth told, I'm leaning more toward the "crazy" people these days, they seem to be focused on God, willing to pray about things and have a peace about the shit piles that turn up in life that I cannot figure out.

I find a lot of your advice and your insight enlightening too. And if you can have this kind of insight while admittedly not being a perfect follower of the directions, well I wonder what can be accomplished if I continue to work for more meditation and prayer time... That is an awesome direction to move in compared to the old direction.

This post, well it made me sad at first. I need to look at my judgment too, be quick to see where you are right, where I haven't been taking accounts of others "positive" experience with God, and find those people and be interested in what they're doing right too. Willing to try it...willing to test their theories to see...

The Herbert Spencer quote is still a favorite. It harkens me back to advice that my Southern Baptist (shudder) Grandma used to give "Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes." Hmm... Guess that's why we call it Trudging huh? LOL... DAMN I hate that she was right... Still so diseased.

I forget that when I actually move on that idea, I grow in Spirit and love.

Thank you very much for this today, you've helped me a lot. A LOT! I cannot show gratitude enough!!!!

Steve E

Jess, what's a conundrum? (I looked it up--cheater that I am!)

Interesting thing though. I neditate about 5 minutes every morning FIRST thing, B4 bathroom...out of bed, on the floor! Routine, but my words ar different each day.
No litany, just like, "Please let me help You God, to do something for YOU today. Anything, even if it's just "Don't argue, don't retaliate, lat me go soewhere I don't want to go, or visit someone I do not care to see, etc."

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