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June 18, 2009


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Hi again,

Now I am wondering about this:

"My very first sponsor used to quote his sponsor to me all the time on this: "You don't shop for a wife at Bellevue Mental Hospital; so why would you date in AA?" was his little joke. Good point, in general."

I have heard it many, many times. I don't understand what the speaker is actually saying about themselves when they say that. Does that mean that I am to think f myself as someone unworthy of love, defective, a mental patient? You see what I mean? Wondering ....


I can see why he was your sponsor. I would want what he had as well.

Always Carol

The ego is the thing. It's everywhere, tricky stuff. Thanks for the honesty and the examples.


What a wonderful man, and a wonderful sponsor. You are wonderful too, for sharing it so well. Thank you.

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