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June 17, 2009


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You know, I'm glad that you didn't use the words "fired my sponsor."

I have never understood that. No one is getting paid (we hope) and no one has been hired, so how can anyone be fired?

It certainly isn't in the Big Book, but neither is anything about sponsorship really. Where did that start? It's so ugly and pointless.

There is one geriatric guru guy at my home group who has a posse of sponsees and he says that he reviews their sponsorship agreement every month and decides if he will "fire" them or not (which it seems that he could do any day anyway). The result is that those guys are always on pins and needles. I don't think the whole thing is very good.

Jessie R

I have one like that, I couldn't fire my first sponsor if I tried, I couldn't even hire him, it just worked and there was nothing I could do not to absorb the impact and nothing I could do to keep from moving after the impact happened.

I have, since, hired a new sponsor (LOL) because I can't help but feel connected somehow and I have the desire to understnad the rest, my downfall and saving grace is continued thirst... for LIFE!

I've never been so happy to not want to be "me" and t know that that is directly due to my need to belong to a community of people who want to be a part of God's world, cause He built me "that way."

:) Thanks for your continued posts, I'm learning and my perspective is changing as I continue to read and contemplate.


I like no BS people. Your sponsor sounds like a good one.

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