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June 19, 2009


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THAT is one hell of an answer.


excellent post.


Interesting, well said, and I'm glad that you left out the stuff about shopping amongst damaged goods etc.

Always Carol

I agree that sex is all about power. And sometimes it is about escaping, too. Another moment of brain-stopping bliss like drugs. Except there is a point when the moment isn't as good as remembered and the aftermath feels like more baggage that I carry.

Steve E

Good post. Good response to "Ethical guy", and anyone else who is interested in this question...


Thanks for laying this out (pun intended). I have wondered about the 13th stepping of newcomers in AA. Bill W. seemed to have a fascination with women in the program. I think that you hit on a lot of possible reasons. Power seems to be a big one. But I can see that ego is driving it all.

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