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May 21, 2009


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This is all part of the Total Entertainment Package (I guess).


While Whitman doesn't say much for me, and I don't really believe you right now, I do trust you.


This is exactly what I needed to read today, thank you and now I am off to ask for help and to be of help...that is what we are here for...thank you for the brilliant reminder.

Ed G.


And did Whitman work for getting laid too?

Sorry - just had to ask...


Leaves of Grass is great. Whitman was a seer. And all of what is offered in life, the good and bad, is something of benefit to me.

St Kilda Chris

I can be inspired by some amazing things, as long as I stay sober and am willing to help others the sadness can be overcome. Can't wait for The Scariest Sponsee on earth...

Jessie R

Step 2 in the form of experience. Thank you. Somtimes I feel like I'm the crazy people you know,

"but although it's the kind of thing crazy people say before they try to make you take their pamphlet or start a war or something"

I've been presented with this wonderful gift from someone else who wanted me to read their pamph... blue non-descript book...

And then I opened it and he sat down and explained it while reading it with me a bit.

And then I had an experience like this,

And then the excitement and experiences kept going and I began to write about it

And then this whole thing just kept growing and I kept plodding on because others came along and they seemed to want the same path I had some sort of beginning on...

And then, my sponsor said I'm proud of what you've been doing here, you really have founded a place on that Spirit we read about in the pages, you've welcomed a fellowship growing up about you and I see the promises in you.

And I didn't just hear it, I really felt it somewhere deep in my soul. I felt ... a part of...

Well you know... the powerful play goes on, and we may contribute a verse...

Funny how I'll accept someone else's pamphlet but only when I've completely lost my ability to control or deal with the consequence of not taking it. Of course I decided they're crazy before they even get to the door.

Thank God, that one...the one with the book...thank God I wasn't in a position where I could deny him access to my house -- he was welcomed surpassing everything that was going on in my head and coming out of my mouth at the time.

He's still the one person who's allowed to smoke in my house, always. In reverence to that first absolutely amazing experience with a man carrying a message to save his life.

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