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March 02, 2009


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I seem to find just what I need to read here. Regardless that I'm not alcoholic, your message applies. I hear a lot about how many years so and so has been in the program. I don't think that time in program is really as important as getting the program of recovery. There are many who go to meetings and read the literature, yet they don't have a sponsor and have never worked the steps. And their share a lot of pain and not much recovery. Maybe some people are just more willing than others. Anyway, thanks for another great post.

alcoholism symptoms

Soberity may lead to dipsomania it is a compulsive desire to drink alcoholic beverages.


Matt W

Thanks so much for this post. I just got a year, and was thinking this very thing. My home group gets a lot of people from local treatment centers, very raw and new. I'm taking my one year cake next week. One thing I'll say to the newcomers in particular is to keep their eyes on the prize. But that "prize" is NOT sober time (a week, a month, six months, a year, or whatever). We've all met people who have been sober (or at least dry) a long time, but who seem miserable, and whose lives outside of AA are a shambles. I don't want that. No, the "prize" is the benefits of sobriety, which can happen anytime. Many times during the past year I was unhappy and stressed, and, as far as AA was concerned, I wasn't really "feeling it". But I kept faith that if I kept coming back, and kept working the program, then I would see the benefits of sobriety. And gradually, I've started noticing more and more good days cropping up. The promises are gradually starting to come true.

A "Would Not" who Did

Oh boy. I've had the opportunity to practice this many times in my homegroup (and in other places).

But what chafes me is that I thought I had come up with that idea myself! LOL

Actually, I'm delighted to see someone put into words in a much more elegant way. And I have to admit that I've been reluctant to say any of this to anyone, because it just didn't seem very...humble! LOL

Thanks again for reading my mind!

Rich n

Very well put. A 30 year sober member of my home group recently asked, sincerely, whether anything in the big book dealt with sponsorship. Also expressed the opinion that nobody with five to eight years of sobriety, referring to me, could understand the principles of the program. Further, he explained that sponsorship does not require taking the sponsee through the steps, as he simply tells them how he stayed sober although he lamented that in 30 years he's only had two sponsees stay sober. I can't imagine why...

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