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December 29, 2008


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Thanks for this post. I know that I don't like it when I get a slogan or some other Al-Anon speak from people. I think that sometimes just having an ear is what I want, not a lecture.


these sorts of things can happen so quickly and feel like we were blind-sided when we THINK we SHOULD have been ready.. life always gives us what we need still huh.

i like your blog.


Wow.. I've been listening to an old speaker tape of a guy who I just adore. He's consistently opening my eyes with his recovery experiences and the tapes are from 20 yrs ago when I began this journey of mine (he was 20 yrs sober then.)
The most recent time listening he was speaking of the, "Exact Nature" of our character defects. I heard his insight and realized we so often are the victims of that age old culprit, Denial, which keeps hidden deep down inside us under the bad behaviors, under the fear, a hurt, a painful experience we have interpreted to mean that we are flawed as a human being. A pain and hurt which has shamed us into hiding from ourselves lest you see the real flawed me and leave me abandoned, alone, frightened and un-loved. The exact nature of these so called defects of character is in there... hidden deep under all the muck and crap we've thrown on top of it to cover it so well... all the behaviors which stop us from being the loving brilliant spirits we really are, stopping us from being truly intimate with with self, God, and other human beings, stopping us from receiving and giving the love, acceptance, and peaceful serenity we all desire and need. My experience tells me you are well on your way to the exact nature of what provoked your behaviors with Mr. Sposorpants. I have a feeling you are walking in the Sunlight of the Spirit because of your understanding of the difference 'tween self examination and abuse of self. I am so happy to see others trudging the road with finding the Truth as their goal. Thanks for the post it is in the awesome pile, in my stack of support & guidance.

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