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July 31, 2008


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Dear Mr. Sponsorpants,
Your blog is very help to me.
Thanks for writing.


Thank you for this. I'm feeling rather lost in despair and self-pity myself these days, despite a lot of really amazing things going on and despite doing quite a lot of service work and helping others in the fellowship. I think you've hit the nail on the head about self-pitying being a mix of self-obsession and pride. I am angry that my life is not perfectly the way I think it should be right now. It takes a lot of faith to trust the the hard places are ones of potential growth, and that those open spaces in our lives when we don't see a clear path before us sometimes become the most profound and illuminating experiences we can go through--IF and only if we quietly accept them as they are, without judgement, and peacefully carry on, waiting and watching for our HP's guidance. Thank you for writing this. A good reminder to me on a tough day, feelings-wise. Happy 24 hours!

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