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May 28, 2008


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Sometimes when there is something going on that bothers me in a big way, my solution is not to attack it head on but to remove myself from it.

An example: there are a couple of guys in my home group who are addicts, primarily, NA guys who use AA to supplement their NA program. I have no problem with that. But when these guys tell their stories (that's our meeting format) they very often do not mention alcohol at all, focusing only on the drug that brought them to NA. Since we are an AA meeting, this bugs the living hell out of me.

So when one of these guys is going to speak, I just don't go to the meeting. I know what the problem is and where it is, so I don't go there. I still think it's against AA's singleness of purpose to tell one's NA story in an AA meeting, but now instead of expressing my disapproval by getting all worked up, I express it by quietly choosing not to participate.

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