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May 22, 2008


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I can see where barn-hiding as a means of suicide would make perfect sense to a self-pitying, roaring drunk alcoholic.

"I'm just going to sit in this barn and DIE!!"

And if he had enough alcohol, I guess he could do it. Come to think of it, he might also be able to do it if he had too little alcohol, what with the DTs and all.

Sylvia Plath tried to commit suicide by overdosing, then crawling under a house. Not exactly barn-hiding, but somewhat similar.


Love it

Miss Bossy Grumpy Pants

In the 1930's we were an agrarian society...so barns were very common. When I was a young girl in the late 1960's I ran away from home...know where I went? The barn.


Coming a bit late to the party - but my theory is that he went to the barn to die during winter. It would be entirely possible to die from hypothermia if that were the case. In terms of suicide plans, there are certainly worse ones.

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