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April 30, 2008


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Love that you didn't take the bait, get on your soapbox and try 'convert' this particular aardvark hater.

Speaks reams about having a little humility (a fine secondary benefit of BEING IN recovery, and not on the sidelines.) and also follows AA traditions.
No, AA's not for everyone. Not even for everyone who needs it. Just for those who want it badly enough to actually do the work.

Nice blog my fine and feisty champion, I may need to subscribe or something..

Big love from Cape Town, South Africa.

P.S. come see us sometime - AA's thriving in Africa.


It wasn't until I really accepted that I was a "real" alcoholic that I started to appreciate AA. My addiction was very critical of AA. I too, go because my preferred method was trying to kill me.

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