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December 03, 2014


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Thank you for the willingness and cost of time it took to write this. Due to a (another) con currently going thru a group I attend sporadically, an old home group, I've been struggling as well with the giving. Willing Open Ready ...


Dear Mr Sponsorpants,

Our brains have been shown to overestimate the validity of our predictions of the future. So as strong and valuable as our intuitions about a person are, it is more prudent (in the AA sense, I think) to leave the housing and temporary shelter of unknown individuals to the "professionals". That is,part of my service is to support the shelters in our town. The positive thing about them is that they connect each person to the resources needed to get them on a better road. Amateur rescuers sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between succor and enabling. Seen it too often.

Mr. SponsorPants

I very much agree that, as you put it, the "professionals," that is, whatever city, state, federal or charitable organizations -- or even half-way houses with scholarship programs of some sort -- might be available to provide housing for the homeless, should be where homeless alcoholics are ultimately directed.
What I have seen, and what I was trying to address as I shared the thoughts which plagued me about this, is the fact that there is very often a waiting period before a bed becomes available in such places. And, during the waiting period, a newly sober alcoholic is left to fend for themselves, sleeping on the street, beach or park until a bed frees up. I know some cities have a first-come-first-served homeless shelter available, but again, that's typically a resource stretched beyond its maximum capacity.
So I was not reflecting on providing a sofa to crash on INSTEAD OF turning to the appropriate agencies for shelter, but rather how I felt about helping UNTIL those agencies could be utilized.
As for Science vs. intuition, etc., I couldn't agree with you more. And yet, sometimes all I have to go on in the moment is what I think and how I feel, so I strive to be balanced, "avoid hysterical thinking" (as the BB says) and trust that there is SOME kind of connection to HP possibly in play -- all the while airing my thoughts and feelings with a sponsor, sober posse and Home Group.

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