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October 11, 2013


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I can't help but comment...actually....no,(I digress) I actually have to restrain myself from commenting to ALL of the posts you write that resonate all over my body!!!and for a change (sarcasm)This following paragrah inform me about myself things I was not aware of: "We are so inwardly focused, so obliviatingly self-obsessed, that any time life didn't go our way we considered that a tragedy, while truly tragic things, if they didn't touch our lives directly, generally failed to register on the emotional scale." So, I guess, thank you again is what I am trying to say. I feel so few people get me and we haven't met, yet you write about me,when you write from your experience.


oh and PS: "Desiderata" has been on my wall for years and years and years. It helped me through so many times of self-pity and depression and obsession and...you get the idea

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