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March 06, 2013


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I like mtgs that are 30-50 people. Big enough to up the chance of me hearing something helpful but small enough to feel connected.

If we are irked by something, it's triggered by something in me. It's not them.


Though "detaching with love", I have been praying for 20 years that my son will overcome his anger and bad choices. If he by some miracle happens to go to a small meeting looking for answers, it sure would be great if there were someone there who wanted to help him, rather than worrying about what THEY are getting out of the meeting. Yes...the next time you're bored at a small meeting, remember that the person next to you might have a mom who is possibly praying her guts out that you will be there to offer what only you can offer. (And I'm applying this to myself as well...) Thanks for asking the question, MJ, it really got me thinking :o)


Small meetings can be very intimate - people get to know each other and after having shared may begin to feel a little exposed afterward. To me this is a good thing as I rely on my fellow AA's to tell me when I'm not on track, or when I'm doing well. I attend several small meetings in my area. But some folk don't like the closeness (and scrutiny) of a small meeting and would rather blend into a largeness of the meeting, remaining "anonymous" and un-engaged.


Lovely story, but now I'm worried about the starfish!

David S

Our BB says that we "become uniquely qualified to help one person."
This line was given to me when I complained about the meetings in the small town I moved to when I was about 5-6 years sober.
These small meetings were very different from what I knew, the tone was different, I was critical and stood in judgement.
In short, what I learned that it was my turn to give back and quit looking for what I could get.
In the end, I was asked to sponsor, cook, clean, chair, speak.
Yes, the small meetings aren't the same to me, they force me to be accountable.


I'm less comfortable in large meetings. I personally like meetings of 5-15 people. I like the intimacy and accountability.

JZP Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Well if Bill W. felt that way with Dr. Bob...we wouldn't be here now would we. It all boils down to ONE alcoholic talking to Another alcoholic...in the math world it's 2. Ebby just talked to Bill...Rowland just talked to Ebby...


Much prefer small meetings. Meetings over 12 people do me no good whatsoever.

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