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February 14, 2013


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David S

Or for AAs view on how to start a meeting, find the pamphlet "The AA Group" ..
This can be found online on the AA website, though I'm not sure about a translated version.
Or, better yet, find a translated version in your town.
Good luck, David S.


Thank you, David! Sometimes I get rolling along and forget to mention direct resources from AA itself -- yours is a brilliant suggestion.
-- Mr. SponsorPants


How does a "gay" AA meeting be apart of the main body of AA? I would think you could not have a gay "closed" meeting and be apart of the main body of AA, since sexual preference is not a criteria in a regular AA?

Also, inter groups around the country are requesting meetings to designate whether they are LGBT friendly or not. What are your views on this?


AATX, this is a very old question which has largely been settled in most of US AA, although some Intergroups may differ. There exist special interest groups in AA, the most common being women's meetings and men's meetings. Every gay AA meeting I have been to, in NY City, upstate NY, PA, NJ, California, to name a few, have strongly practiced the third tradition, in fact, probably more so than most men's and women's special interest meetings. Heterosexuals are welcome and in at least one gay meeting I got sober in in NJ a straight alcoholic roommate of one of our gay members was overall treasurer of the group and a strong member, accepted by all. Being gay is not a requirement for being a member of AA or of a gay meeting. The third traditon applies. Any more than being a women is a requirement or being a man. (Oddly, it was at a men's meeting that I once heard the strongest objections to gay meetings. Irony.)

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