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March 13, 2012


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Annie Mouse

and my personal fave I learned from you

Sadness x Self-Obsession = Self-pity

seems removing self-obsession is the key to happiness. Thanks for the reminders


Mr. SponsorPants, where are you? I miss you!


I am worrying about you Mr SP, hope you are well.


I'd like to add my concern to that list too. Are you OK? Hugs!

Debbie G.

Thinking about you today, Mr. SP and how much your posts have meant to me over these past few years. Hoping you are just taking a well deserved rest from blogging. Traveling this week due to a sad and unfortunate turn of events, so my alcoholic brain is focused on the negative and therefore naturally worried about you too. :-) Focusing on dealing with the 1st equation above with my current situation. Thanks again for the reminder and take care of yourself.


11 days and no Mr SP. My hopes are that you are laying on a sunny beach somewhere enjoying a vacation. I really miss you though. Really. Your words are a significant part of my daily recovery. So....until you come back, I will have to be satisfied with your archives. I'm praying for you Mr. SP.

Relapse Prevention

there is always luck of fellowship, sponsorship and sharing in this world. does this mean that all the attempts to get back to normal life will always end up with a relapse?

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