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February 28, 2012


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well done.




Wonderful! Thank you.


Thank you for this!

I was crushingly disappointed when I was not reinstated in a position I dearly loved (supposedly I had been "temporarily" reassigned), and instead was rewarded for the hard work I'd done (and the good team-player I'd been during said "temporary" assignment) by being placed in an even WORSE assignment that had the most crushing workload I've ever experienced. After my complaint about how it was all handled fell on deaf ears, I decided to do the very best job I could in the hated assignment.

I recently retired, but before I left worked my behind off to finish all of the projects that were my responsibility and to train my replacement, earning the undying gratitude and appreciation of management and colleagues. I was able to leave on good terms, and after a brief respite (basically four months of catching up on my rest), I'm on the verge of being offered a position that has everything I want in a job.

It is, indeed, about growing where you are planted. After the last assignment, I feel ready to tackle anything that comes my way. And that attitude, and my lack of bitterness, is what showed through at my interviews for my "dream job".

Everything "the kids) (and you) are learning (or being reminded of) now will bring rewards in the future.


Hey Mr. S good to see you writing again. It's me Gay-in-AA and I just celebrated 16 months. Your blog was a big part of that. I believe I've read all of it. Cheers.

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