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April 11, 2011


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Bobby D.

Wow. I wouldn't be surprised if you'd tried your hand at screenwriting!

Your approach was inspired, my friend.

And J cannot fail if he follows your simple directions. How cool is that?

(Can't wait for part two! How I love a good story!)

Miss S

I enjoy your way of explaining your answers...keeping it simple. Answers like this are why I've chosen to stick around the rooms. I don't always 'get it', and was admittedly a 'logical thinker' until I realized how wrong I was. I always enjoy your sharing your ES&H. Thanks Mr SP!


Dear Mr SP,
Your love for your fellow man is so moving. Thanks for sharing that.

Jayne Dough

A big, loud, smackin' high 5 to you, MSP. That rocked!

(Dude, that was so good I'm gonna pinch part of it... with credit, of course.)


That was AWESOME Mr. SP. I can't wait for Part 2!


mr sp, you have explained this so well. thank you - the higher power issue is that i have grappled with quite a lot and you have made it so clear that it is not the people but their experience that can be the higher power.


That X-men reference was absolutely awesome.



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