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August 16, 2010


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recovering jezebel

So I've been wanting to ask you this anyway—everyone keeps telling me, about my crappy Higher Power: "Fire that Higher Power and get a new one!" But *how* do I do that? Because I get it that I can't take Step Three with my current God, who is, I'm pretty convinced, just in it to screw me over six ways from Sunday, and then hide behind the proscenium laughing into Their sleeve. But what's the technique or practice for making up a God I like? If I just make up a pretty and kind and friendly God, how will I ever be able to believe in Them, since They're patently nothing more than a mere creation of my own little pathetic pea-brain?

So confusing.


Wow. What she ^^ said.

Mr. SponsorPants

Let me put into words how that works for me, personally, on tomorrow's blog, rather than dash off a comment here to such a great question.

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