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July 27, 2010


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Annie Mouse

i giggled, i snorted, and i laughed out loud and in the end, i got it. thanks for the reminder. what an awesome life we get when we "stay sober and help other alcoholics acheive sobriety"

have a wonderful day


Thank God! And thank you for telling a story that answers a question I had.

You wear him well today, The one who is so adept at working anonymously for and through others, getting very little credit and loving and enjoying the production anyway.

I guess it's a gift, this inspired storytelling. I had a question about anonymity in a whole other direction (so I thought) and yet, the answer is in the story of what is a seemingly unrelated matter.


Thanks Mr. Sponsorpants!


Wow, I am with your sponsor, I could never have handled that so well. Kudos. It is true after noodling in this stuff so deeply and for so long, you know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.


A noisy landlady---you did well.

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