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June 07, 2010


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Innocent Abroad

What about "you got sick through your mouth so you will get well through your mouth"? I've always regarded the slogans as a sop towards those members who resent the fact that AA *isn't* a cult...

Obviously this boundary issue is hurting you as you keep coming back to it.

I sympathise: I also have a seriously chaotic person in my life. What helps me is to remember that I'm allowed to make mistakes - I don't have to be perfect all the time (even though the world is full of sickoes who will tell me the opposite) and that however great her needs (she is seriously disabled) I am a person too (whether she likes it or not).


Live and let live.
Easy does it.
But for the grace of God.
Think. Think. Think.
First things first.

Or, taking the first word, from each saying ...

Live Easy But Think First.


Well if you align the slogans a different way and take the last words, you get;

"Think God first, live it."

Ole Jake the Snake from Denver liked that one.

Comically Inept

I've only heard this one once, but it stuck with me: "Once you take alcohol away from an alcoholic, all you're left with is 'ick.'" Sure, it's hokey, but that was certainly true of me in the early days, and oftentimes still is.

Bobby D.

I always thought the cotton saying was a bit harsh, myself.

There were two sayings on the AA meeting walls where I got sober that spoke to me, though: "Learn to listen, and listen to learn" was one.

The other was "Am I listening?" Funny how my eyes only landed on that one when I wasn't...


In my meeting, everybody shares, there's no passing. You discuss the topic at hand or discuss your experience on where you are. It's a closed A.A. meeting too. There's plenty of opportunity to listen, but we need to know where you are too.



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