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June 03, 2010


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Thank you for sharing your story. I think that the thousands of people who are helped every year in the rooms of an AA meeting would also thank you. Helping each other is what it is all about. Whether we need it or need to remember to give it. It is always what it is all about...Alfie.


Thank you. I am always awestruck by how AA works.

Bobby D.

Thank you for sharing your story, Mr. Sponsorpants. It made me think back on my first meeting - a young people's meeting in Massachusetts, where the average age was MAYBE 21, and I was 29.

You described my feelings exactly (although I didn't have the presence of mind to dress up - and I didn't wear a cap back then (I do now!)

Thank you for the reminder, the inspiration - and, of course, "srum und drang," too!

Love it!


I haven't worked up the corage to turn that knob yet... With your support from afar I'm hoping this will be the day. So far I'm doing it on my own for 68 days now. Thank you for being someone to turn to and for being my pinpoint of light.

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