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January 21, 2010


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Kimberly A

Excellent distinction between addiction and escape. My attempt to get my ex to quit drinking was my disease. I stuffed my face in order to escape. Weight Watchers helps me to be aware and change my eating behaviors. It doesn't do a think for the cause. Good point.




I've been thinking a lot lately (and wrote earlier today) about seeking solid, aggressive ways to attract the "sober-curious" to the abstinent "lifestyle" -- assuming, of course, that they either need or want it. I fantasized that the new year would bring out some newcomers and that finding pidgeons would be child's play. Not so.

Apparently, we're not doing enough to carry the message.


Well, I think you can pick a nit with the best of them/me.


It's amazing how my Higher Power works ...this morning when I read this I couldn't believe how much it was what I needed to hear.

Last night my husband made comments about me using a computer and smartphone too much. In my black-and-white thinking I was angry because I felt like he was saying it was an addiction!! I have other things I consider my addictions, compulsive over eating and obsessive thinking (I'm an Al-Anon'er. It saved my life.) I didn't need to think that one of my sources of enjoyment was to be something I would have to be abstinent from forever. So today I thank you for being here to make a clarification about addictions. It helped me alot!!


I think that I escape by going on the boat but don't see it as an addiction. I enjoy it, it is pleasurable, but I don't mentally obsess about it. And I think that it has helped my spirituality in many ways. Thanks for the message here.

Mary LA

In theraoy I learned the difference between addiction/alcoholism and coping or self-soothing strategies which is a useful distinction.

last chance

That provided some practical clarity. (I suppose all clarity is practical, but whatever--thanks!)

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