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November 11, 2009


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Mr. Sponsorpants, Thank you for your more lengthy expalnation for the newcomers. When i was a newcomer, my big question, like a 5 year old, was "why" I was 8 years sober before PTSD was diagnosed. I would go from anxiety to depression. Of course I was having flashbacks and anxiety was the issue and also required getting to the roots of my issues in order to deal with them, hoever, the chemical imbalance left me stuck and not able to cope. Myself, i am on a low dose of medication to calm the physical reactions but not so much I dont feel so i can deal with reality also. My sponsor was very compassionate and informative which assisted in me being able to let go of the stigma of axiety/depression. So many AA members are hurting other members with thier opinions on medication and people are dying out there in attempts to control something they are just as powerless over as alcohol. One I understood alcoholism, I could understand the lack of power and God provided doctors and pharamacy. True, some physicans are not as knowlegable. Ive had them prescribe meds needlessly even after I told them of my disease. Its up to us as "old timers" to assist members in these situations and I commend your blog.

ezduzit (but do it)

3 years old

I was always confused about this issue since I started attending O.A. meetings back in the late 1970's and was suggested I attend open A.A. meetings which allowed smoking but looked down upon any type of medication use. I started A.A. in 2006 and was overwhelmed of the many sober women in my meetings who are taking antidepressants- I'm kinda jealous but wonder if the magic pills really help? Seems to give others a certain extra energy or hapiness. just an observation.


Iam a recovered alcoholic who takes no meds whatsoever. I agree with what you said and that AA's official stance is to make use of doctors' help.
Bill didn't say "go ahead and take the pills they give you" he also didn't warn us of the constant malingering, denial and convincing people do to be able to take them.
Some gash psychotherapist forced me to take antideppressants in a psyche ward saying Id never be able to leave if I didn't and threatened a court order. I dont need that shit, it killed libido, made me emotionless and gave me 2 months--not one solid bowel movement. Ive since gotten a year sober, happy as ever, not even a vitamin.
I seem alone on my stance but I think they are all dirty malingering drug addicts who need to pick up a desire chip. They don't rely on 4th step work, they take a pill and tow the line. There is a very thin line 'tween actually needing anti-depressants (rare) and plain old malingering drug addiction (rampant across America). Damn consumerism, paid doctors and people in denial. Its killing people.


Id also like to say that many oltimers do take them. My sponsor is 18yrs sober and takes them. After that long, they literally would likely go into shock if they stopped because the neural pathways are too carved in. They've become chemical dependant just like alcoholics suffering withdrawl symptoms!! Its drug addiction, denial, malingering! Just like the guy 2 posts above, PTSD? (small dosage) GET REAL. Im a former infantry Marine who served in Iraq. I drank for years and even slit my own throat while drunk/almost died of resentments and depression induced by alcohol. I don't take a thing but coffee and a cigarette. 100 years ago and all the 200 thousand years since human have been here, we didn't have ADHD, PSTD, etc... etc... Now there is even a pill for blind people to know what time to go to bed! Really?
The depths of denial people will go through to justify, self-victimize, and malinger are astonishing. They act like, since Penicilan saved lives, its a free pass to pop xanex and whatever the hell. This bullcrap should have been addressed in the very beginning and explicitly written about in the big book. pg 133 doesn't nearly say enough!


People in AA who claim that God has taken away their to drink are delusional. Why is it that their God is limited? Why can't their God take away their depression and their need for antidepressants, caffeine, or nicotine? Why do so many members become obese? If they truly believe their God cured them of alcoholism then why can't God cure them of all the other addictions?

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