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July 30, 2008


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thanks for the article, very helpful. the book tells me to look at my own mistakes, small point but for me a big difference, my part implies that you have a part as well. i am starting to exercise the discipline of responsibility, i invariably find that i am the creator of all my .


Melinda Ferguson

Just did a 5th step with my sponsor and pretty much went by Mr. sponsorpants and recommended the 7th step prayer

Sreve Cherup

I think that I will use this bit of information to go and hear my first 5th step of a sponsee! Sounds good, and don't forget 6 and 7.


I wonder who's more nervous, my sponsee ormyself, who hasn't had a sponsee in 20 years! Wait- he is, no doubt, lol. I came out of my sponsor's house 26 years ago with an 8th step list . . . .


thank you for taking the time to write this. about to hear my first 5th step, and while i have worked the step and spoken w my sponsor, nice to have another opinion/take on the process, outside of my immediate fellowship group. bravo!


thank u mr. sponsor pants for explaining this to me i was left hanging on my 4th step and now im going home to rewrite them.the things that stopped me from progressing and what i have done to stop others from progressing.


After years with no sponsees, I now find myself with two new people, and I want to thank you for posting this! Very thoughtful, very useful! Thanks so much!

Rolley Hurley

Thank you so much for the effort of making this available on the net! I pretty much understood what to do,which is be a listener. The helpful directions we can give to the 5th stepper was very helpful, this will be my 1st time to witness a 5th step, and I feel very privelaged that someone would take me into their confidence on such a delicate matter. God bless you and hope everyone keeps trudging the road to Happy destiny!


more grateful than i can say
have had the privilege of being asked again to do a fifth and as it's been 10 years, glad to have this guidance
loved your book - same sick sense of humour as me


Great article. I do things a little different (the way my sponsor did them with me). I leave my sponsee for the hour reflection after the 5th Step and showing him where in the book the instructions for for the hour's reflection. I then return and we read the instructions for Steps 6 and 7 together and say the 7th Step prayer. I don't explain them at that point; I hope my sponsee finds his own meaning in them. Notice the Step 3 prayer doesn't finish with an 'amen', but the Step 7 Prayer does. Steps 3 to 7 are a process within a process.

Step 8 is already done, since as he shares I make a list of people he has harmed (it's up for discussion) and we discuss how best he should approach his 9th Step. In essence we do Steps 5, 6, 7, 8 and start on 9 in one sitting. And it feels right too.

Judy Goetz

Thanks for this. I'm about to hear my beloved sponsee's 5th step and it has been 10 years since I've done that. This was sound instruction and leaves me with a list of things to do before we go forward. I do know that I need to be spiritually fit to do this process. So I have some work to do today. Again, I prayerfully thank you


Comment on the spelling of the word 'adieu' which sounds alike but has not the meaning of the word 'ado'. The former is French for 'so long' or 'goodbye', the latter is an archaic word used to describe foolish or troublesome turmoil. Just so you know. Love these words on working the 5th Step. Thank you very much.

Carl Ratner

FYI-no where in the BB does it say"my part" (that implies the other person had a part) the BB is clear "my mistake".


I've done several 5th steps with people around the country. Do I still have a chance to stay sober?

Annette H

Help, what to do withsponsee who relapsed in middle of 4th step and now wants to continue (with one day sober). Anybody?


I find this really helpful - thank you!

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